Kipinämies Ltd is a company that imports and markets electrical and telecommunication tools and equipment. In addition, the company sells products that are ment to protect against occupational diseases and accidents e.g. fall protection equipment.

The company was founded in the 1980´s. Sales offices are located in Helsinki and Tampere, the service network covers the whole of Finland. The company's strengths are top-quality products as well as personalized and customer-friendly service.

The company follows the national and international development of technology. Kipinämies Ltd provides customers high quality tools that are designed and intended for professional use. Our clients are both large and smaller companies, corporations and public sector entities.

The range of products was expanded in the early 1990s. Kipinämies Ltd specialized in importing and marketing e.g. personal protection and fall protection equipment, harnesses and ropes. We work continuously with manufacturers and safety authorities. That kind of cooperation is particularly beneficial for our customers.

We develop together with manufacturers better protective equipment and protective clothing. Our policy is to report directly customers' development needs to manufacturers. We train and guide our customers to choose and use protection equipment. On the other hand the customers' userexperience is very valuable feedback to Kipinämies Ltd.

Kipinämies Ltd works as a partner of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health organizing. The training gives the power to carry out the current safety standards and recommendations of the periodic inspections, for example support belts, full body harness and safety ropes, restraining straps and pole shoes inspections.

Product examples by category:

  • The cable handling equipment e.g. cutting, stripping, connecting and pulling devices
  • Pulling rods, cable grips
  • Hand tools, power tools
  • Testing and measuring devices
  • Work lights, torchlight and headlamps
  • Personal protection and fall protection equipment, harnesses and ropes
  • Automatic self descender
  • Arborist products and some climbing equipment (tree-pruning belts, lanyards, climbing spikes), carabiners

The company's functional keyword is customer-friendly service. Our professional staff will help you find appropriate tools and protective equipment from our range.

Welcome to be Kipinämies Ltd's customer!